Visits to unseen realms

Do you love wandering through corridors of space and  time, exploring mysterious forests on the edge of reality, delving into the farthest reaches of interstellar space? Are you fascinated by the choices people must make, and the prices they are willing to pay? Do you suspect that the material world around us that we touch and see is not all there is?

Are you captivated by such legendary creatures  as mermaids, dragons, werewolves, sentient plantlife, or the embodiments of time and death, hope and aspiration?

Welcome, then, to Future Dreaming–not all set in the future. Not all are dreams. Feel free to click on the Stories– more will be added– or on the books below.

The Golden HelmThe Golden Helm:

More Tales from the Edge of Sleep


Twelve Sci-Fi and Fantasy short stories


Shadowcat tales from the edge of sleepIn the misty place between sleep and waking, you may find yourself in a world of strangeness. Here are seven short stories set in the future, and on other worlds, and on this one, which is strange enough.

SciFi and Fantasy short stories



Get On board little Children

What if you needed a license to have a baby? In a future marked by high tech surveillance, Sophie must choose whether to go on the run, or risk the loss of everything she values most.


Dystopian thriller, first of trilogy


Come on home Children

When no one is what they seem, the truth can be a dangerous luxury. To rescue her small daughter from the ruthless Population Management police, Willa must reinvent herself in an audacious scheme.

Dystopian thriller, second in trilogy



City of hidden ChildrenHow far would you go to rescue your friends? When Katy was rescued from the Population Control police, she had to leave her two best friends behind. Now she will stop at nothing to find them, but has no idea what risks she must run for their sakes.

Book three of the dystopian trilogy