Book One: Get on Board Little Children, will be 99 cents on Amazon from August 8 through 14th.

Book Two: Come on Home Children, will be 99 cents on Amazon from August 13th through 19th.

Book Three: City of Hidden Children, will be 99 cents on Amazon from August 17th through 23rd.

Check out these futuristic dystopian tales of a society not far distant from our own, in which the Bureau of Population Management has seized power to an unimaginable extent, bringing to life Burke’s saying that the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. But what effect does that have on the common citizen, who must deal with the fallout from new laws?

And what effect does it have on the children? In Book One, Sophie must flee from her comfortable life to protect her unborn child. In Book Two, Willa’s young daughter has been abducted by the population control police, and she must exert all her strength to recover her and ensure her safety. In Book Three, Willa’s child Katy has grown to adolescence, and must find the courage to face the greed and brutality of those who regard unlicensed children as so much raw material for profit.