Voting is a precious privilege. It’s a right that many people have given up their jobs, their freedom, and even their lives to secure for themselves and their families. It’s not something we can ignore or treat lightly.

This was originally titled “Holding my nose while voting,” but many have used that one, and the situation has gotten even worse. Now we have two candidates whose moral character is so besmirched it’s hardly conceivable. Still, no candidate has ever been perfect: we’ve elected alcoholics, adulterers, liars, and who knows what else. What matters is their ability to address the serious issues facing the nation.

I am voting for Trump. He’s apparently a racist, misogynist, narcissistic blowhard, and that’s on his good days. But he has not shown the blatant disregard for American lives that his opponent has.

Women from Trump’s past are coming out to accuse him of molestation. This is a horrible thing, terrible to be used like an object and discarded, and we must listen to their voices. But there are other voices, silent now and forever, that we should pay attention to. These are the voices of tiny girls who every day are torn limb from limb in the womb, or burned to death by saline injection. And an abnormally large percentage of them are minority children, in line with Planned Parenthood’s goal of “racial purification.”

These deaths are a plank in the Democratic platform, something Mrs. Clinton supports. Her medical knowledge is abysmal, since it scarcely ever is true that a woman’s life will be saved by aborting her child rather than giving birth. And “learning that something terrible . . .has just been discovered about the pregnancy” is no reason to abort the child; that’s tantamount to learning that your child has cancer and proceeding to murder her. Why would anyone do that?

Mrs. Clinton has also demonstrated her lack of sympathy for American lives by her actions (or inactions) regarding Benghazi, and her aggressive harassment of the women implicated in her husband’s affairs.

The picture is clear. We need a president who respects the lives of Americans, and that is not the lady candidate. And who knows, maybe Mr. Trump will dig the economy out of the hole it’s in. He is, if nothing else, a businessman.