About Victoria Randall

my cropped photo AprilI was born in Illinois in 1944, and graduated from Oberlin College in ’66. I’ve worked as a teacher, painter, post office sorter, salesclerk, social worker, nursing assistant, and registered nurse. I have 4 children, a stepdaughter, and 3 grandchildren. I converted to Catholicism in 1993.
I wrote The Witchstone in about 1974, The Ring of the Dark Elves in 2003, and finished the third of the Children in Hiding trilogy in 2016. There’s also a short story collection: Shadowcat: Tales from the Edge of Sleep.
A real writer is unstoppable. I’m not a real writer, but a nurse who writes part time. I’ve always felt that it was more valuable to read a story to a child, help an old man to the bathroom, or relieve someone’s post-op pain than write the great American novel. Besides the world is full of splendid writers of whom I stand in awe.
My favorite authors:
L. Frank Baum of the Oz stories,
C.J. Cherryh, especially the Foreigner series,
Robert Crais (the Monkey’s Raincoat et al),
C.S.Lewis (the Cosmic Trilogy),
J.D. Robb (Nora Roberts), the In Death series,
Dorothy L. Sayers, the Peter Wimsey books, and
Charles Williams.(the Place of the Lion, the Greater Trumps).
My father was Bill Randall, a commercial artist well known in the ’50s and 60s for his Date Book calendars. My oldest son Keith is a printmaker who travels extensively. My second son Brandon is a comic book author and illustrator whose blog can be seen here. Sadly, the artistic gene skipped a generation with me.

Contact me at victoriarandall57(at)gmail.com


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